recruit  Friendly Recruit is founded as a family owned business based on a set of unshakable values including honesty, friendship, trust, freedom, team spirit and modesty. The most important goal for us is commitment to put the needs of our clients. At Friendly Recruit we believe that success is the friendships that we build and maintain with our clients. We’re truly passionate and enthusiastic for what we do. Those, mixed with our ability to respond and adapt swiftly to clients’ needs, makes us a truly efficient team. As a result, we form friendships that will stand the test of time.

  Friendly Recruit specializes in staffing for IT and digital industry. Also, we know that every industry has its own unique requirements and challenges. This is why we’ve developed a Match Process to drive you the right asset. Our Match Process provides the success factors for identifying candidate professional skills, strengths, interests, and several other important factors for finding your next top talent. In short, our Match Process increases satisfaction of both: the employer and the employee. Finally, Friendly Recruit has multiple specialized recruiting teams, with industry focused professional recruiters in your area of business. So, Friendly Recruiter knows your company needs, as a result you can hire a top talent.

  At Friendly Recruit most of all we stand to be the best recruitment company by providing exceptional customer service with personalized attention! Need to hire good people? We know thousands of outstanding professionals. We combine technology, human and data expertise to provide world-class hiring process. It is our business to help your business succeed by identifying top talent.


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