Friendly Recruit is founded as a family owned business based on a set of unshakable values including honesty, friendship, trust, freedom, team spirit and modesty. The most important goal for us is commitment to put the needs of our clients. At Friendly Recruit we believe that success is the friendships that we build and maintain with our clients. We’re truly passionate and enthusiastic for what we do. Those, mixed with our ability to respond and adapt swiftly to clients’ needs, makes us a truly efficient team. As a result, we form friendships that will stand the test of time.


So, whether you are looking for Permanent Placement, Contract or Freelance Staffing,  Professional Training or Review/Screen resumes – Friendly Recruit can do it to the best. As a result, you will get the best services for your business at one place.Finally, we have the knowledge and resources to serve you and you business. So, feel free to contact us with any challenges. Whether you need a top talent, perfect asset or employee with unusual skills – we will find it for you.
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Friendly Recruit Fee Structure

Contingency search:
  • Friendly Recruit charges the employer a percentage of the employee’s annual starting salary. Fee is only paid if and when a candidate is hired that was referred by Friendly Recruit.
  • Friendly Recruit uses this fee structure for entry-level up, mid-level and management-level professionals.
Retained search:
  • Friendly Recruit charges the employer a percentage of the employee’s annual starting salary, and one-third of the total estimated fee is due at the beginning of the search, and the balance is due when a candidate is hired.
  • Friendly Recruit is commonly using this fee structure for executive-level positions. The Position can be new as a result of growth, or a replacement/backfill position as a result of organizational change, resignation or a replacement position that is not made public and the search must be handled confidentially.
  • Friendly Recruit is also using this fee structure if the skill/experience required is a niche position.
Monthly Retainer:
  • Friendly Recruit charges the employer a flat monthly retainer fee for the duration of the assignment and can be applied to our contractor option or outsourced recruiting option.
  • Friendly Recruit charges the employer an industry hourly rate for recruiting services and can be applied to our contractor service, outsourced recruiting service or review/screen resume service.



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